Zebedee Pedersen

Creative, designer, technologist

Creative technology lead, Google Creative Lab

Public work

Camera Switches – Control all of Android with facial gestures & eye movements (film, about, tutorial)

Look to Speak – An eye gaze controlled TTS phrasebook for immobile smartphone users (film, how-to, play store)

Project Jacquard – A true wearable: clothing with technology woven in (film)

NSynth Super – A hardware interface for new sounds created with machine learning (film)

Open NSynth Super – An open-source project enabling musicians and makers to build their own machine learning synthesizers (github)

Project Bloks – An experimental physical programming language for kids (film; patents US10061457B2, US10055034B2)

Alto – An open-source teachable object, introducing machine learning to makers (github)

Sodar – Visualising social distancing using WebXR (about)

Floom – Tunnel through the world in augmented reality, straight from your browser (about)

Measure Up – Measure spaces and objects around you in augmented reality (about)

Digital Wellbeing Experiments – A series of apps exploring the theme of digital wellbeing (film, github)

onanonano – A five-track ambient-alternate-reality music album (about, soundcloud)

sound space – An experimental environmental sound music app (about, soundcloud)